The Spiritual Successor to GOAT LARP

Village of Idiots is one part larp and one part comedy sketch. Most of us will be playing villagers who can’t or won’t do their jobs. There will also be a few heroic but gullible adventurers who get tricked into doing the villager’s chores for them. It’s like Lord of the Rings versus Monty Python. Picture a powerful sorcerer grumbling while he shovels poop. Set up crazy scenes with other characters, and play off each other in hilarious ways.

Date: TBD

Location: Camp Pomperaug, in Union, Connecticut.

VILLAGE OF IDIOTS is a larp where you can:

  • Act like a complete moron all weekend
  • OR play an uptight jerk who can’t stand those morons
  • Build a display in the market place only to have an adventurer crash through it like they’re the Kool-Aid Man
  • Make a pun and then get pelted with fruits
  • Believe you’re the only REAL mayor, but several impostors believe the same thing, and are slapping you
  • Go on a quest to slay a giant rat, but find out it’s actually a normal sized rat, and it’s already dead, and some dumbass sanitation worker in a stupid hat is hoping you’ll “save the day” by cleaning it up for him
  • Increase your status by stealing yourself a bigger hat
  • Smash pottery and scoop up the loot hidden inside
  • Develop improv comedy skills during pre-game character-building workshops
  • Wet your pantaloons from laughing so hard