Registration for VILLAGE OF IDIOTS is not open. We are aiming to launch registration in early 2020. Check back soon!

Tickets are sold for specific roles. Generally, there are two characters for each profession – one wacky oddball “Chaos Alignment” character, and one “Order Alignment” character that plays it straight. If you have your heart set on a role that’s already taken, or you have a concept for a role that isn’t on the list, you can apply for it via this form.

You can read the full text for each role here.

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Cast List

The complete list of villager and adventurer roles: (subject to change!)

Doctor, Chaos
Doctor, Order
Rat Catcher, Chaos
Rat Catcher, Order
Guard, Chaos (x2)
Guard, Order (x2)
Jailor, Chaos
Jailor, Order
Judge, Chaos
Judge, Order
Lawyer 2, Chaos
Lawyer 2, Order
Lawyer, Chaos
Lawyer, Order
Thief, Chaos
Thief, Order
Mayor, Chaos (x2)
Mayor, Order (x2)
Scribe, Chaos
Scribe, Order
Tax Collector, Chaos
Tax Collector, Order
Apothecary, Chaos
Apothecary, Order
Blighted, Chaos
Blighted, Order
Cooks (note: this role is reserved for the official event cooks, Julie Dalpe and family)
Farmer, Chaos
Farmer, Order
Forester, Chaos (x2)
Forester, Order (x2)
Dentist/Barber, Chaos
Dentist/Barber, Order
Mask Maker, Chaos
Mask Maker, Order
Merchant, Chaos (x3)
Merchant, Order (x3)
Noble, Chaos
Noble, Order
Servant, Chaos
Servant, Order
Street Sweeper, Chaos
Street Sweeper, Order
Tavern Staff, Chaos (x2)
Tavern Staff, Order (x2)
Banker, Chaos
Banker, Order
Priest, Chaos
Priest, Order
Gambler, Order
Gambler, Chaos
Bard, Chaos
Bard, Order
Town Crier, Order
Town Crier, Chaos
Master Potter (NPC)
Quartermaster (NPC)

Adventurer 1, Order (Wardens of the Ivory Tower)
Adventurer 2, Order (Wardens of the Ivory Tower)
Adventurer 3, Order (Wardens of the Ivory Tower)
Adventurer 4, Order (Wardens of the Ivory Tower)
Adventurer 5, Order (Wardens of the Ivory Tower)
Adventurer 6, Chaos (Wardens of the Ivory Tower)

Adventurer 1, Chaos (Stabracadabra)
Adventurer 2, Chaos (Stabracadabra)
Adventurer 3, Chaos (Stabracadabra)
Adventurer 4, Chaos (Stabracadabra)
Adventurer 5, Chaos (Stabracadabra)
Adventurer 6, Order (Stabracadabra)